Reading, Reading Comprehension & Writing Program
2018 "School's Out!" Summer Programs
Session One
June 4 - June 29
STS SUCCESS Reading, Comprehension & Writing Program
STS "The Places We'll Go!" Speech, Language & Pragmatics Camp
STS Back to School Jump Start Preparatory Program
Why turn to STS for this critical area of academic success? STS has BOTH of the essential components required for identifying and addressing deficits in reading, reading comprehension, and writing. We have licensed speech language pathologists who are highly trained specialists in assessing and addressing deficits in reading. Second, STS is equipped with numerous evidence based protocols for addressing a child's deficits. These two critical components enable STS to approach each child as an individual. We do not assume any single protocol meets every need of every child. We use our knowledge of a variety of protocols to build a program that meets a child's specific needs.

Clients participate in daily 4 hour sessions, 5 days a week, for 4 weeks. Licensed speech pathologists interact directly with each child to maximize the potential for progress. The high frequency and intensity of the program is essential when addressing deficits in reading, as reading is the foundation upon which academic success rests. A poor foundation in reading will negatively impact a child's performance across all academic areas. When reading skills improve, the resulting benefits can increase confidence, curiosity, and motivation in the classroom.

Fun, unique activities are integrated into the daily sessions to increase motivation and participation.

Early registration ends April 30th: 4 week, 5 day a week session: $900
After April 30th: $950 Registration Deadline: May 15th.
*Summer Speech Program appointments are not held the week of July 4th.
When your child returns to school, will he struggle with the demand for increased independence and change in structure? STS offers a four week back-to-school "warm up" to address the new system in which a child will be learning.

We work collaboratively with the schools to emulate the format in their classroom as closely as possible, as well as incorporate actual academic and therapeutic content to give a child a jump start toward achieving success.
Organization Station Back to School Jump Start
A one week camp where participants are immersed in speech, language, sensory and pragmatics activities. Creativity abounds in unique and memorable experiences that have clients playing in the snowy mounds of the STS Human Snow Globe, the sandy shore of the STS Beach Bubble, and a galaxy far, far away in the STS Space Bubble.

Space is very limited. Call early for details.
"The Places We'll Go!"
Speech, Language and Pragmatics Camp
(850) 727-7928
Is an STS School's Out program the right
choice for your child?
Give us a call. A licensed speech language pathologist will discuss your child's needs with you. Together you can determine whether the STS "School's Out" Summer Program you are considering is a good fit for your child.
Session Two
July 9 - Aug 3
* Special package rates are paid in full prior to initiation of treatment. There are no refunds for missed or canceled sessions that are part of a special package rate.