The Role of the Speech Pathologist in
Diagnosing and Treating Dyslexia
The scope of practice in the field of speech language pathology has expanded greatly with the increased recognition of the direct relationship between oral language and a child's ability to read and spell. The American-Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA) has outlined the SLP's role in the remediation of literacy disabilities such as dyslexia. Speech language pathologists at STS - often as members of a collaborative team of professionals including educators, psychologists, and ophthalmologists - are qualified to administer diagnostic testing to assist in ruling out or identifying dyslexia. Our speech language pathologists readily recognize when there is a need to recommend consultation with additional professionals for further assessment. When considering treatment options, it is helpful to consider that qualified speech language pathologists are the specialists with a comprehensive understanding of the the primary areas that affect learning to read, spell and write:
Additional information can be found by visiting the American Speech Language and Hearing Association's website: www.asha.org, and/or referring to the following ASHA position statement: Roles and Responsibilities of Speech-Language Pathologists With Respect to Reading and Writing in Children and Adolescents.
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